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AI Flow Builder

Automagical flow building and response generation

Conversation24 can help your customers to achieve their intents with AI. Quick and easy. Also, we use AI to make having actual conversations easier and better for your chat operators.

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AI recognizes the conversation

Whilst chatting, response time is key. This feature was designed by our own chat operating team asking for tools that can actually solve the problem of searching for the right pre-filled message. And yes, it works fast.

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Automatic Flow Builder (Coming soon)

Together with industry leaders in AI, we’re currently developing an automated flow builder that allows you to quickly set-up conversational flows and allow your customers to talk with a chatbot. Thanks to machine learning and natural language processing it will get better every day and you can tweak it along the way.

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Microbots that actually help

Even though progressing rapidly, modern day chatbots can’t keep up with actual human conversations. We still see true value in human chat operators stepping in. That doesn’t mean AI can’t help. We use micro-bots to quickly assign the right teams to the right questions or to push support questions to a different channel if needed.

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How much time can you save by optimising your product return flow?

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Automatic webhooks, API’s and other time saving magic

Use your existing integrations and software to upgrade the quality of the conversation. Quickly access order details, shipping information or customer data right in the same conversation. Also, feedback into those same systems if changes are requested or made.

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Chatbots- why aren’t we using them more?

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