Conversational Marketing

Leverage conversations to achieve higher brand loyalty and open new channels

Be out there and be known in the market as the organisation that listens to there customer. Implement chat moments in the customer flow and know what they want so they can be navigated in the right direction. Get the customer to your website by using chatbanner and retargeting by chatmining.

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Display advertising, geofencing, Google, Social, you name it

We can support you with data driven marketing. Next to Google Ads, social media, and display advertising – we can offer geofencing solutions too. Chat innovations such as Retargeting by Chatmining and Chatbanners

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How much time can you save by optimising your product return flow?

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Integrate conversations into your marketing strategy

The best new thing might be human-to-human interaction. Conversation24 can be used to expand your marketing campaign. A customer expects an answer in a couple minutes when talking to the chat. With the right experts on the chat you can provide the customer with help and they will finish there journey by converting to a sale or lead.

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8 lessons from psychology for your marketing team

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