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The future of business messaging

Companies will soon be able to sell their products within WhatsApp.

Small businesses that have been affected by the current pandemic may benefit from Facebook’s most recent announcement. WhatsApp will in the coming months offer companies the opportunity to sell their products and deal with payments directly within the chat app.

In addition to this, businesses will be able to store chats on the Facebook server which Facebook believes will be further beneficial to small businesses as it will make it easier for them to respond to customers at any time. WhatsApp users will be notified that their conversations are being stored on the server and are not protected by the end to end encryption as normal chats are.

Since the corona outbreak offline and online business models have thrived worldwide. Due to this, Whatsapp Business is just one of many platforms gaining new business during this period, with 175 million people communicating with businesses via the app everyday.

With the introduction of these new features, Whatsapp Business could become a great solution for offline and small businesses during the pandemic, instead of merely a marketing platform that it is mainly being used for today.


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