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Hire our Conversational Agents and be there 24/7

Use chat as conversion booster, cost optimizer, customer intelligence generator, and satisfaction improver. It is truly that simple when you hire us to do it for you.

With Conversation24 you can be available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
in English, Spanish, French, German, and / or Dutch on your website, via e-mail, on WhatsApp or any other conversational channel.

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Hire a dedicated customer team

Turn customers into happy customers

Good customer relationships start by having a conversation. Being there and responding quickly to customer inquiries is the fastest way to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Destress and optimize your inbound

Our pro-active support platform can take care of inbound requests easily at any scale with personalized help.

Grow without any pains

From a couple of conversations per day all the way up to your highest moonshot ambitions. Our platform is tailored to perform under pressure. We’ve got this.

68% of consumers prefer to chat over phone or e-mail.

Source: State of messaging, 2019

Imagine the possibilities for optimization of customer flows, cutting costs whilst improving customer satisfaction. The customer service industry is estimated at 350$ Billion globally. The same study showed that 79% of consumers prefer real human contact when shopping online.

Fully Managed

We are available as your customer service department 24/7

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After office hours and in the weekend

If you can’t respond in 30 seconds, we step in – automagically

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Start with a pilot, monthly contract, guaranteed results

External chat operators, fully operational, up to 24/7, starting from €495

We offer external staffing for your organisation on all our channels. Starting from €495 per month, our team of chat experts will respond in 5 languages from 07:00 in the morning to 23:00 in the evening. 24/7 can be added too.

  • Response within 30 seconds
  • 7 days a week
  • In English, Spanish, German, French, and Dutch
  • 24/7 *

180 chats

Per month

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360 chats

Per month

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540 chats

Per month

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Be there.

Your customers will be there too.

Chat doesn’t stop after office hours

Regular business hours
(Missing out on opportunities)

Conversation24 operational hours
(Ready to go anytime, any day)

Increase your availability with +170%

Regular business hours run about 40 hours a week, where Conversation24 has a standard offering of 108 hours. Which isn’t a coincidence. We see the times that we are available as the most valuable hours a day for conversion and customer interaction. And we offer that as a service for your organisation.

Our chat operators are specialists trained to lead generation and gather valuable data from your visitors. They master the art of conversation and are always there when you need them and will respond in 30 seconds. All for a fixed amount at an unbeatable pricing point.


Responding fast equals increasing conversion – up to 23% more

Source: State of messaging, 2019

Our clients experience an increase of up to 23% in conversion when WebChat was activated on their website. Not responding accordingly with the customers’ expectations can detract brand loyalty incredibly fast. Our team responds within 30 seconds.

Conversational specialists

We will never understand your business as good as you do. We know that. Our goal whilst managing your chat is to answer 90-95% of all questions with pre-determined answer structures and to gather valuable (lead) information for your internal team to follow-up. In a 3-month starting pilot we train our chat operators to get to know your company and to create a set of responses. Your customers are already there, why not talk to them?

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Auto-forward & Hybrid chat

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